A Handicapped Person’s Personal Appeal

[Reader-submitted] A Personal Appeal. I would like to see if you can help me get the word out to your friends, spouses, children, neighbors and even business associates.

Take a look and observe- you will be shocked. Try to focus on this issue that I am about to discuss for the next 1-2 weeks when you are at school, shopping, prayer houses or simply driving around town. When you see this happening – please speak up and say something (civilly). You will be helping me as well as many other people who need your help.

Do people know why there is an extra area marked off in blue paint on side of the ADA Wheelchair parking spots? Most people I approach think it’s a loading zone!! NO JOKE!!! Some don’t even have a clue. It’s reserved so an ADA vehicle that may have a disabled passenger needing a wheelchair, a walker or other devices, or one who cannot walk a distance to have access to get in and out of their vehicle and to maneuver their vehicle safely. Please don’t park illegally in the ADA Wheelchair designated parking spots which includes the blue striped spot at any time.

Please help me in bringing this issue to the forefront.

Place yourself in these peoples’ shoes. The person, the parents, the spouses and their families. Try to understand how the issue directly affects everyone involved.

A parent emailed me his opinion in regards to the illegal use of the ADA parking spots on this matter: “I have the same issue. I have 2 handicapped children but many times, even when absolutely necessary, I cannot use the handicapped spots as they are being utilized by people who thank G-d do not have this privilege. Having said that, I don’t have the wherewithal to fight the system.

This issue affects the people who are unwell and can’t physically get out easily as “normal” healthy people are able to. It allows them to get the chance to maybe have some “normal” life out by themselves or with family – which comes natural and easy for the average person in comparison.

The problem is that many people- of all walks of life feel that they can park in ADA Wheelchair parking designated spots or the blue striped area located beside the ADA spot for the following excuses:

A) there are no other spots

B) just for a few minutes

C) to load and unload

D) use the spot when the person the ADA Wheel chair placard/plate was registered to is not even in the vehicle (illegal)

E) remove the spots from their prayer houses, schools or stores parking area to gain more spots.

F) no one ever uses it – so why can’t I.

E) I am idling- not parked because the engine is on-but the driver is in the store….

Besides for violating the law, they have no true concern for the person who truly needs a spot. A regular person can walk a block. An ADA person is lucky if he can be active for even a slight moment as one who is healthy.

The ADA spot is the difference if one can get out and have a partial independence or not.

ADA designated people wish they did not need the “privilege” of the “VIP” ADA spots. The simple thing we ask is – don’t use the ADA spots that help the designated person achieve some independence. As it is, there are insufficient ADA spots.

At the Freehold Mall’s main entrance there are 6 ADA spots which are usually occupied. Yet, they have more reserved parking spots for The Cheesecake Factory, and for the customers going to the JC Penney Salon.

Ask officials at MetLife Stadium how many people abuse the ADA parking spots at football games by using family members’ placards who are not accompanying them. Over 100 people per game.

The other day I saw a minivan in the one ADA spot available at the local grocery I use. I looked and saw the ADA tag hanging from the front mirror. A young man was escorting another older teen who clearly was a special needs child. It was one of the few times I saw that single ADA spot being used legitimately and not being abused. It appears as 1 out of 10 times the spot is not being abused as almost every other time I need to ask people to move their car which is parked illegally.

Ask your local doctor, hospital or charity organizations how many adult and children with wheelchairs, crutches and scooters are used just on temporary ADA cases. Add those that are on permanent basis and the amount of availability in town all over is sorely lacking.

How many ADA spots are available on 2nd street in front of the stores on the main street? I didn’t see any. Maybe I missed them.

Are the curbs across town ADA accessible? No. ADA spots are not made to place large township garbage containers as is the case in one of the downtown parking areas. Numerous local stores use the ADA area for loading trucks and/or storing pallets and boxes.

This town is growing and people need to care enough to insist that this will not be accepted. Every shopping mall area, school and prayer house must have sufficient ADA parking and IT NEEDS TO BE ENFORCED BY THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT. The powers that be (politicians and township committee’s) must allow this ordinance to be enforced. Otherwise there is no deterrent. YOU as a citizen can state something respectfully to one who parks in such a spot illegally. The more people civilly show their objection; the chances are that others may begin to be more conscious of their actions.

Is anyone out there willing to help and care to make a difference?


Wishing all who need it – a speedy recovery….

(This appeal applies to many towns and cities. Not just the one I live in.)

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  1. My husband slipped on the ice and was wheelchair bound for four months. Getting in and out of car was a nightmare as he had to use crutches to get into his wheelchair. I once drove him to a family wedding in a hall with a huge parking lot. all the handicapped spots were taken by people without handicapped permits. You can imagine how difficult that was. Please please be considerate of others!!!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your article. The disregard for traffic laws and especially for parking regulations is appalling. Its one thing to double park BUT PARKING IN A FIRE LANE OR ADA SPOT is totally wrong from both a legal and moral standpoint. Drivers, ask yourself this question how would you feel if your car prevented an handicapped person from getting out of their car or if your car prevented the fire dept from extinguishing a fire? Those spots are created for a reason, and traffic laws are created for a reason, to keep you safe and healthy and to provide access to those who are disadvantaged forget about the law where is your sense of chesed!

  3. It would be a great idea to print small leaflets with this article, or perhaps with a similar shorter text, and place them on the windshields of offending vehicles. The obnoxious and uncaring will not be convinced anyhow, but those people who just “never really thought about it” (which I believe are the great majority) will now have their awareness raised.

  4. That is a great idea about the leaflets.
    If one can find a kind storeowner or employee who’s near such a parking spot often, perhaps he can be responsible to place leaflets, otherwise it’s very hard to implement.

    (caregiver to an elderly person in a wheelchair & walker)

  5. ADA stands for AMERICAN DISABILITY ACT and if u baruch hashem dont have a disability you have no right to park in a spot that belongs to the disabled people,As a matter of a fact you should be embarressed to come out of a car walking regulary if u are parked in a spot….but you have to be DAN LEKAF ZCHUS cuz i am a teen and had surgery and used the handi cap spot even though i did not have a sticker or lisence plate saying i was disabled

  6. I get really upset when people use these assigned spots without any reason.I have opened my mouth on occasion but those who are thoughtless enough to park there are also too self centered to listen to any type of advice or criticism and I feel like I am just wasting my breath! The other problem in this town is that some shuls / stores have assigned spots for hatzola members so they can reach their car asap but again people are selfish and park there too ……what would these same people do if chas vshalom they needed hatzola but discovered they couldn’t reach their loved one on time because some self centered selfish person was too lazy to walk twenty extra yards!!!!!!

  7. if you had surgery you can easily obtain a temporary ADA placard from the locla police department.

    ADA is also for people who may walk out of a car but have difficulty walking far due to health issues such as cardiac or circulatory problems which would not allow them to walk far.

  8. I know of people who have handicapped tags for reasons other than being wheelchair bound (back and knee injuries). It is our duty as healthy people to park farther away so that those who need those spots can use them…and to be greatful we can walk the extra distance without suffering!

  9. although you had surgery you cannot park in such a spot without obtaining a ADA Placard. By not obtaining such document you are nto allowed to park in the designated spot. And you are causing people to question why you are using the spot.

    Dont question the people who “walk out” of a car “normaly” who have obtained an ADA placard and DAN LCHAF ZCHUS that they have a medical condition.

  10. With the large number of senior citizens in Ocean County, ADA spots are hare to come by. It’s a $250 fine for first offense. My neighbor’s wife is disabled. He went to the drug store without her and used the placard. A policeman checked his license and gave him a ticket since his wife was not with him. It’s very inconsiderate.

  11. I know someone who has a daughter in a 300 lb motorized wheelchair their handicap van has a ramp that needs to come out so she can be wheeled from the van. Many times they cannot access ADA spots but more often even if they do find one the person next to the ADA spot has parked too close and the ramp doesn’t have room to come out, thereby deeming the ADA spot useless. Please look out when you are parking near a handicap spot not to go over any blue lines or maybe leave an extra spot if the ADA one does not have extra spot for ramp which sometimes they don’t. Please be respectful when a handicap bus has a stop sign out though It may take a few minutes longer and please be respectful when you see an ADA spot remember any minute a handicapped person may arrive and need to use it.

  12. I wonder if ADA covers for difficulty walking distances due to pregnancy induced back pain and post partum weakness? If that were the case, Lakewood would be in very short supply of ADA parking spots at all times, even though this would be really helpful to those that struggle with the above.

  13. I am handicapped, and believe me, I wish I could walk more than a few steps. When I go to Walmart, there is almost never a handicapped spot available, as well as there is almost never a scooter available, so I don’t think they have too many, and I don’t think that that many ppl. are using the spots, or the scooters that shouldn’t be. Maybe because of my situation I notice alot more than most ppl. Recently, I was sitting in my scooter near the entrance to walmart for a few minutes, and you can’t imagine how many ppl. with handicaps passed by. I would say about half the ppl. who passed me by in those few min. had some sort of problem, and some handicaps are not totally noticable by seeing someone for a second. So…….. as #14 said be dan lcaf zchus, and…….. if you are not handicapped……. Don’t take a handicapped spot. I’d trade my disability any day, for your parking spot.

  14. i am a disabled veteran of the us army, i dont use crutches, but i cant walk very far without going to the hospital. yet everytime i use the stop some “older person” looks at me funny and a few asked me not to park in those spots. all i am saying is dont judge people without the facts first. i have had the cops called on me a few time, its a good thing i have the placard and id card to prove that i really have it.

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