A Touching Video By Lipa Schmeltzer On The Leiby Kletzky Tragedy

lipa vid pic[Video Released By Lipa Schmeltzer- Includes TLS Footage] We have no words, only tears. The horrifying murder of young Leibby Kletzky, Hy’d, has left us all devastated.  Heartbroken.  Numb with grief.  Awash in an endless sea of tears, we struggle to cope with our new reality, life without Leibby.

That one little boy, who most of us never knew, could become so much a part of the lives of all of Klal Yisroel is truly remarkable.

When I landed from Uman on Tuesday afternoon, I knew I couldn’t possibly go home to my own children until I had done my part to help the Kletzky family find their missing child.  Nobody ever thought that we would be facing a tragedy of such epic proportions.  I went home, kissed my own kinderlach and continued to be mispallel for Leibby’s safe return.

Sleep did not come easily that night, as I worried about Leibby.  Where was he?  Was he afraid?  Having nightmares?  Dehydrated from the heat?  Like so many others, I went to bed with my phone in my hand, hoping to hear good news.  That Leibby had been found, alive and well. 

When we all woke up to the unspeakable news on Wednesday, it was worse than anyone could have ever imagined.  As the news continued to come in, our shock and horror were beyond words.  His death.  How he died.  Where.  And by who. 

I wasn’t the only one who spent the day distraught, crying and unable to function.  As a singer, I tried to do what I know how to do best.  Compose a song for this zeese neshoma.  But I couldn’t come up with anything that would do justice to tyere, heilige Leibby.

Finally, I came up with a story, words of hisorirus that will hopefully provide the chizuk that we all need so very desperately right now.

Leibby, Leibby, we need you to be a meilitz yosher for your family and for all of klal yisroel.  Help us dry our tears and continue with the achdus, the ahava, the tefillos and the endless acts of chesed that you inspired in all of us.

Umacha Hashem Elokim dima may’al kol panim…

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  1. Very disturbing, to capitilize and gain fans of someones tradgedy. He did the same thing with the Yosom from Mumbai.
    Has the family not suffered enough?

  2. Yesh din v’yesh dayan
    Kach gazru m’shamayim that there wouldn’t be any future doros from Leibi Z”L

    Maybe a video message from a godal would be more appropriate before you put up a video from a performer

  3. Good grief…

    You really have such a beef with him that you can’t fargin what Lipa is doing? This is what he does for a living! He is a singer and an entertainer! He is utilizing his talent and attempting to be misorrer others! What do you think he is planning on going – releasing Volume One: The Greatest Tzara Hits????

    Take a chill; it was very moving and Lipa was quite emotional.

  4. agree with number five. To #3, dont critisize the scoop or Lipa for putting this up. Atleaset they are doing something. If the GODOL would say something, it would be up here. Please bring it on

    we dont need lipa to voice his feelings on the tragedy as we all feel the same way
    i appreciate his talents and enjoy him as well but at a time like this we dont need a badchen

  6. for some reason SADLY, people dont listen to gedolim like they would a performer. i could see myself just scrolling down to the next news tidbit…. its sad but very true.
    Lipa has true talent. he didnt rock up this video and make it into entertainment. he rocked up the EMOTIONS in us and brought tears to our eyes. hopefully it will push us to do good and change our ways in light of this tragedy!!!

  7. i also agree a video from a rav or godol would be more appropriate then a video from lipa

    the mashgiach rav solomon shlita was menachem avul last night and spoke with the family and told them he’d be back after the shiva to speak to them at length
    about the perp
    the mashgiach quoted reb yisreol salantor ztl “their isnt one organ in our bodies not influenced by the outside world invironment we live in” all the more so in our generation with the media and shmutz entering our homes thru internet or even our cell phones with a touch of a button one can have the worst of the worst in the palm of his hand
    this individual was evidently influenced by what he saw and acted out on his warped disgusting perverted fantasies
    may hashem be menacheym the family
    my own personal thoughts their are 2 tragedies here im not sure and still grappeling which one is a bigger tragedy the fact a sweet young innocent child was killed for no reason in such horrible fashion
    or the fact that a shelunu was able to commit this dastardly unfathomable,unbeleivable murder and try to hide it in the fashion he did


  9. is it better he should go to a sick persons home with cancer r’l and sing there? hes done that as well i was there with a yungerman in lkwd who was niftar later, lipa came more than once to be mesameach and to stir us to do tshuva. whether you look up or down at him he does alot of great things on the quiet. for those that look up to him he is a voice to listen to. for those who dont look inwards and see if you are better.

  10. Here’s a suggestion. Send somebody to ask Reb Mattisyahu —-
    (the Mashgiach shlita, not the singer) for a few meaningful words about this terrible ma’aseh, and post his words on the TLS. In Lakewood,the
    ir hatorah– his words may carry more weight than a well-intentioned
    pop star’s.

  11. I’m a parent my self. This is something that should not happen to anybody especially a child. I’m not jewish but I feel the family’s pain. We all human beings regardless to race,religion(etc). The monster who did this will burn in hell. Protect our children and educate them, so this never happens again .my prayers go out to his family and friends. I watched it on the news and it brought tears to my eyes. He will pay for is devilish ways. He deserves the death penalty!!!!!

  12. There are situations that require 2 Adim to met out justice, such as this. That is the way Hashem wants it, for thats what the Torah requires.

    What you can do is guard yourself from the suspect- if you feel threatened. But you cannot do anything either directly or indirectly to him.

    Amud odom Bchezkoso.

  13. This video disturbed me deeply because it implies that we are subject to random acts of violence. This is counter to the basic principals of our faith. We believe that G-d orchestrates all events and His plans cannot be disrupted by a deranged individual. For reasons unfathomable to us, this precious soul was predestined to fulfill its purpose in 9 short years and the method of his untimely death was also divinely ordained. Leiby Kletzky was not meant to be a zeidy; his destiny was to be returned to his creator after a very brief time in this world.

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