A Red Light At One Of Lakewood’s ‘Boro Park’ Intersections

james and river picVIDEO: It’s been a topic of many discussions by Township residents and officials alike, but it appears the issue has yet to be resolved. This 9 second clip was taken at about 9:30 AM Thursday while waiting at a red light at the James and River Avenue intersection – an intersection which thousands find extremely frustrating.

The short video not only points out the importance of following the law – while the ‘right of way’ vehicles toot their horns, but stresses the importance of officials to install a much needed turning light.

A Township official said the intersection was being reviewed and a request was put in to the State for a turning signal. Video-TLS-MW.

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  1. and while ur at it too, can u PLEASE install a light at martin luther and pine??? its a baalegan almost all the time! i dont know why the a light was put up by sunset and james before this crucial traffic area?

  2. Coming from James to Pine, it would be tremenously helpful if a turning lane can be added. Most people turning left keep to the center of the street to allow cars to form a second lane to the right, but when a driver doesn’t, it’s a mess. This would only require a restriping…

    The garbage and yellow bins should also be kept off the street (but on the curb) on James to allow for the two lane traffic to flow smoothly.

  3. Agree no reason for a light at sunset and James and now there Puting a light at hope chapel and south lake waste of money Mlk and pine is desperate for a light

  4. 4. the reason behind the light at south lake might have to do with visibility of drivers coming down hope while you are trying to negotiate a left. i agree with you. do a survey of how many people actually try to make the left before putting a light.

  5. to # 2, i agree . it`s a bagelman i drive through there everyday in the pm, the only time its ok is on saturday. and to #3 , i also agree with a little interjection here, left turners should learn to use their directional signals.

  6. How about synchronizing the lights at the Kennedy/9 and County Line/9 intersections? The light changes, but you can’t go anywhere because the other light hasn’t changed yet and there’s gridlock. County Line and Clifton’s no picnic either.
    Can people please stop double parking in front of California Swirls?! It makes the already bad Clifton Avenue traffic worse.
    Someone kindly explain to me why the township continues to allow the Strand to have rehearsals and performances when everyone is trying to shop for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Traffic is extra heavy on those days and parking spaces are almost nonexistent. It makes no sense whatsoever to make things worse by allowing rehearsals and performances on those days during prime shopping hours.

  7. Can you stop driving around shopping for yomtov while others need to find parking to go to church?

    what an ignorant statement you made about the strand.

  8. Your right number #8 you are the only ones that use downtime and shop. The strand is a buisness. Maybe you should shop on other days and plan better and stop using excuses. Thats all I ever here. Poor us. There wont’t be a lakewood left, so keep up that thinking

  9. The township can only make choices for township roads.
    Otherwise- they must clear it with either county or state officials.
    Adding lanes and lights to a state road- such as Rt 9 is huge hurdle which requires traffic studies and state approval. Same on a diff scale with county roads.

  10. please stop making references to Borogh Park. Lakewood has nothing to do with Borough Park. We do not hold of big fancy houses. we do not insist on haimishe only hechsheirim. We do not have resturaunts open at all hours of the night and last but not least We all drive very carefully and with courtesy for all. What’s that? I am living in a dream world? I guess we should start calling a spade a spade. Welcome to Borough Park II. do i know you? Why are you wishing me a good Shabbos you don’t live on my block????

  11. to #8 why does the town have to cater to you, the rehearsals at the strand, why should that matter to you when you are shopping, find a parking spot and walk, all i see is you care about yourself and nobody else. that is so rude

  12. It’s not just the lack of a turn signal that’s frustrating. At a busy intersection like this one, I believe the light on James/Pine changes WAY to quickly. One can sit there while the light changes three times.

  13. How about a traffic signal at Martin Luther King & Pine?? Can’t understand why no light has been installed at that intersection

  14. There are no solutions to this problem. You make a turn signal at Pine/James and Route 9 and that problem may be solved but now you have the green light delayed on Route 9 even more, backing up traffic further than it already is backed up. The ship has sailed with this solution. The solution would have been to not approve all these townhouses, complexes, houses etc…. Now we are seeing the results.

  15. You know you can not have a traffic light at every intersection, it will just be impossible to get by thru there any time of the day or night. What you need is better plans for building complexes in a heavily populated area. STOP THE BUILDING let the township catch up. Soon there will be no more trees and all we will have is a Concrete Twp just like Newark & NYC. It is rediculous, there are cars everywhere in this town..from approx 8a to 9p Route 9 north of Oak Street is a parking lot into town. Its rediculous. Oh and another thing..what ever happened with that cell phone law..I pass a minimum of 10 cars with people on the phones constantly. That is all Im saying

  16. But but.. who could say no to “affordable” townhomes starting at “just $499k” with 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, stainless steel appliances and upgraded marble floors? people need a decent place to live and the town responded accordingly…

  17. Maybe if the township stopped approving so many homes, townhouses being built we wouldn’t have the problem of traffic. Lets leave some land to look at. Lakewood was once a nice uncrowded place to live. We don’t need more roads, traffic lights, try less building and see what happens with over crowded highways.

  18. The intersection of Pine Street and Martin Luther King needs a light with turning lanes more than any other intersection in Lakewood, yet it gets passed over consistently.
    Hello? Is anyone listening?

  19. Chaim says:
    JULY 30, 2011 AT 10:25 PM
    The intersection of Pine Street and Martin Luther King needs a light with turning lanes more than any other intersection in Lakewood, yet it gets passed over consistently.
    Hello? Is anyone listening?

    Everyone is listening but the road does not need a traffic light and turn lanes..you complain about your taxes going up and up..and you want traffic lights at every intersection. If you can’t get thru at MLK & Pine..go to Route 9 & Pine to get thru..making improvements like that costs money..something not to many towns have these days..At this point the entire town is a safety issue hazard

  20. I agree with chaim #29 it’s gehenim trying to get through there at certain times of day. Yes #31 I do hear what you’re saying, money is hard to come by, but we’re speaking of priorities here. We’re not going backwards here & no one is removing the complexes, the question is how to go forward and make life as livable as possible in this galus

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