A Horrifying Traffic Stop By A Jackson Officer Vs The Courtesy Of LPD

lpd jackson pdSitting with his family in the car at a Jackson Gas station filling up on gas, approximately 5:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, a driver from Lakewood noticed a Cop pull up behind him. The Jackson Officer gets out of his car, asked him for his documents and then returned to his vehicle. Moments later, the Officer returned to the Yungerman and asked him and his family to leave his vehicle, and the vehicle would have to be impounded being that it had an expired registration. The driver called a friend, who in turn called a local Official, who suggested to perhaps try and Register the vehicle Online prior to the arrival of the Tow Truck.

The driver, in an attempt to do just that, asked the Officer for his Registration papers, who responded “It’s too late”, and it was not an option. 

About an hour later, with his kids crying in the car, the Driver asked the Officer if he could have the car towed to his home, where he would then have it registered before driving it. The answer, about an hour before Shabbos, was a resounding no.

At approximately 6:15 p.m., the Tow Truck pulled up and impounded the car, leaving the family with their packages at the gas station waiting for a ride home.


Motzei Shabbos, a driverless vehicle in Lakewood, rolled out of a driveway and smashed through a fence across the road, as reported on TLS. Two Officers showed up and assuming the driver had fled the scene, called for a Tow Truck.

The two LPD Officers then looked for the identifying information in the vehicle and located the driver who resided across the road, as reported on TLS.

Upon doing a check, the Officer realized the vehicle was not registered.

However, upon showing up, the Tow Truck was cancelled and the vehicle was driven back into the owners driveway.

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  1. Not sure if I agree w/ this Reb Yungerman did NOT have registration. Cop is doing what he is told to do by the LAW. What is the problem? You want him to tow the car to his house and give his kids Ritas for the ride home? Yungerman broke the law and live with the consequenses..

  2. This wasn’t a “horrifying traffic stop”, it was a member of our community breaking the law by driving without proper registration.

    Until this sense of entitlement ends, we will all continue to be harassed.

    Yes, those few amongst us who care little, if at all, for the law, are hurting us all.

    These are sentiments expressed to me lately by numerous police officers and even a judge!

    Rabosai, wake up!

  3. the differance here is obvious, the case in jackson the guy was actualy driving an unregistered vehicle. But in lakewood the car just rolled out of the driveway by itself with out actualy driving it.

  4. Here are some helpful hints. Register your car. Don’t talk on the cellphone while driving. Don’t speed. Don’t make illegal U-turns. Don’t drive without a license. Don’t drive aggressively. Don’t tailgate. Have your inspection up to date. Basically, follow the law like 99.5% of the people do, and there won’t be another post each day kvetching about the police pulling you over. This is not rocket science.

  5. i cant believe that TLS even placed this article for everone to see if its so obvious that this driver is 1000 % at fault . goes to show how these people feel that they are entitled to everything even though they broke the law

  6. sorry, one has nothing to do with the other! (from the picture, i thought that the lakewood made a shortstop and the jacson cop crashed into him). LOL

  7. The chiluk is obvious one the guy was driving it and the lakewood case the car rolled out of the driveway. Its alowed to be in a private driveway unregistered and it just rolled into the street by accident. I’m sorry mr “yungerman” I feel for you but the law is the law and don’t make this into a nice police force bad police force kind of thing. Lakewood police would have done exactly what jackson police did in that situation and jackson plice would have done the same in the other situation. Let’s stop being crybabies. If you don’t keep the law you
    Have to deal with it. I also don’t like that every time such a story happens we call the guy a “yungerman” as if he is like a baby that didn’t know better he is a grown man and knows exactly when to register his car. It takes a minute or to on the phone or online.

  8. Everyone knows by now the difference in the two police departments. The Jackson police have no rachmanus on anyone no matter what they did wrong. While the LPD are the nicest guys around and will use pity when pulling over someone.

  9. horrifying? how about legally justified and completely expected. If the story was reported about a hispanic family who was driving with registration and the police officer allowed the car to be towed him, which is against rules, would we be praising these cops, or accusing them of going soft?

  10. Can anyone explain why they need three police officers in three separate cars to do a routine traffic stop 3.30 in the afternoon on Clifton. av.

  11. WOW! What a lesson these kids learned! No one is above the law!
    If dad had set the right example these kids would not had to have Shabbos ruined for them, but he choose to do wrong. Remember, your kids are watching you. What are you teaching your kids? You dont have to live within the laws created to maintain safety and civility?
    Shame on you! Jackson pd did the right thing and should be commended for, tho temperary, taking another bad driver off the road.
    Jackson, Keep up the good work!

  12. I guess what’s missing here is the point that the Jackson Police could have used a little courtesy over here being that the man was with his kids and packages – not to mention it was almost Shabbos which I’m sure was mentioned to the officer. He could have let him have a friend register for him on line like he requested and it would have been a lot less of a wait then waiting an hour for the tow truck. Also he asked to be towed to his house and that was also denied. So the Scoop was right in pointing out the diference between the two departments; the Lakewood police showed courtesy whereas the Jackson police showed their hatred towards a jew(when the officer was willing to wait an hour for a tow truck and not let him have it registered which could have taken five minutes I’m not sure what you call it if its not hatred) I rest my case.

  13. The Yungerman broke the law, THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT!!!!.It is time that we realize that we are not above the LAW just because we are from the “community” . I would hope that even if a LKWD police officer stopped him, he would have been issued a ticket and towed.

    These postings make it sound as if every officer in LKWD would look the other way and not abide by the laws just because we wear black hats.

  14. Why didn’t the “yungerman” take a few minutes to register his car BEFORE be drove into Jackson? It only takes a few minutes as explained in the above postings.

  15. Contact Chief Matthew Kunze, he is a younger chief, very progressive and would probably like to know what type on actions his guys are taking against their neighboring community. While I see no fault in the Jackson officers actions, I am sure a chief would like to see a fair MV stop, then the officer not being out of service for as long as the writer is making this seem. Common sense should prevail even in this case.

  16. I was pulled over the other night for not using my blinker, the LP Officer asked me for my documents and I had everything except that my insurance card was expired. I told the office that I have the new one; I just forgot to put it in the car.

    He went back to his car and after 2 minutes came back and said please go home and put your insurance card in your car so you don’t get a ticket and don’t forget to use your blinkers.

    So the LP Officers do have common courtesy.

  17. this article makes no sense- if your registration expired and you are driving you get impounded if your car is parked on the side walk you get impounded the only way they cant do anything is if it is in a driveway. the reason is because if someone crashes into you even if it is their fault you are responsible. as a side point if someones registration is expired they actually put out a warrant for your car and send a cop looking for it

  18. Yes you are supposed to register your car dummy!! I dont care who you call… elected official??? Some people think they are above the law. A similar story happened to someone I know and they had there car impounded late Friday afternoon, thats life you make a mistake you have to pay!!!

  19. Why dose this have to be a Lakewood – Jackson issue?? I used to work in Jackson, I have gotten pulled over a couple of times and the Jackson cops where the nicest cops I met and let me off both times. Another time a deer slammed into the side of my van (on 570 in Jackson) I did not have the insurance card on me the cop said no problem and he waited for someone to bring it. So I’m 3 for 3 with good experiences with The Jackson P.D.

  20. Can someone please explain the need to impound a car with expired registration?
    you get a ticket for that and that should be enough
    when you get caught with an expired inspection sticker you only get a ticket and are not towed, it should be the opposite

  21. It all boils down to individual responsiblity. In Lakewood it appears they need to put the blame on someone other then themselves. You are required by law to register your vehicle – plain and simple. You don’t and a Police Officer stops you, you are the only one to blame. In the Lakewood accident the owner should have gotten a ticket – it would appear there was a mechanical problem with the vehicle and damage to someones fence. No lesson learned here just reinforcement of “in Lakewood you can get over”.

  22. I was pulled over for driving on a road closed to through traffic in Jackson.(I thought it was open)The cop was so hostile, I thought he was about to physically assault me.But his sneering arrogance wasn’t only because I’m from Lakewood because I had to go to court for this ticket (another outrage , why did I have to take a day off from work to plead guilty to a non moving violation?)Anyhow the non jews I met in court also all had stories about how obnoxious the police were to them.

  23. I was pulled over in Jackson with expired registration, talking on the cell phone, and not properly mounting one of my license plates. The Jackson officer was so nice to me. He told me that he’s also hurting in this economy, and he would only give me a ticket for the license plate, which is a no-point ticket.

    Such nice Jackson police!

  24. no one is saying this person did not break the law! he might have forgotten to register or just never got around to it and let’s remember only one reminder notice is sent out in the mail for registration while I’m not excusing the youngerman at the wawa gas station however the jackson officer could have used common courtesy and let him register the car its not like having an unpaid ticket which is a worse offense.

  25. Cops are not in the habit of reviewing proper registration on vehicles filling up in a gas station. It’s most common to go thru a shopping center parking lot, a street or a checkpoint. At a pump makes no sense unless there was a visible and glaring problem to an officer passing by, like plates missing or no stickers.

  26. It is my understanding that… If the police pull you over, they have the dispatchers at HQ run your information and if it shows you have no current registration THEIR HANDS ARE TIED. They have no option for a warning. It is already on the records of the traffic stop that you are driving the car illegally.

    Maybe, just maybe… the Lakewood police didn’t tow the car that rolled into the street because they weren’t REQUIRED to do it.

    Besides that, no one can expect to get away with disregarding the law. If you break the law you must accept the consequences. If you get lucky, good for you. But don’t expect it.

  27. The title of this post is unfair.There are nice and not nice cops everywhere.Don’t blame or give credit to an entire police force based on the actions of the ONE or two cops you dealt with.

  28. what would r aaron ztz”lsay about all these ” yodea davars” argueing about this naarishkeit which has absolutely no nafka mina? there are good cops and bad, there are those who get caught and there are those who don’t. Take a cigarrette and go back to the coffee room. Gosh!

  29. The truth is that a gas station is private property. An unregistered car can be parked in private property. I would look to file a lawsuit ghere.

  30. I don’t understand…. It doesn’t make any sense that a cop just randomely went into the gas station and just happen to decide to check his paperwork…

    To me it sounds like there is more to the story then is being told.

  31. #12 it comes down to the safety of the officer a traffic stop is the most dangerous thing we can do at work, it provides us with another set of eyes.i dont care who is driving an old lady a young lady an old man a young man jewish catholic muslim it doesnt matter at any time anyone can pull out a gun and shoot an officer

  32. TO #35- the vehicle was observed driving on public roads. If the officer can prove that the car was being operated then they can write you a ticket regardless of where the car is.

    he could have left it in the gas station, but that’s part of the law/officers digression/dept SOP’s. Nothing illegal here. enjoy your lawsuit.

  33. To all zealous lakewood tzdikim concerned about people breaking the law;
    I was. Involved in a MVA when the cop came he notice my Reg. Was expired (I had just renew my other car & didn’t realize the one was up at that time) the cop gave a ticket even thou my car landed up on private property, but told my that he won’t tow it from private property! After talk to the cop about the ticket he told me ; I have to give a ticket but I understand how you fell yesterday I (the cop) was pull over when I was off duty “then I realized
    I was pass my registration & I got a ticket” so even the cop can BRaKE the LAW not just the”careless yungerman!

  34. the car want observed on public roadways. check your facts. he just pulled up and checked his plates. theres a big injustice here and a lawsuit is very much in order. i didnt pass the bar yet so i cant yake the case but any competent lawyer can and should.

  35. Someone could have called in a reckless driver, a driver on the phone, unsecured children, a tailgater, etc- and given the description of the vehicle. this officer happens to find a matching vehicle, ran the registration, and confirmed not only that this vehicle is the one in question- but that the registration is expired. since the original complaintant has to be the one to sign the summons for the prior mentioned, the officer could only issue the registration & impound. ever think of that?

    Or maybe that officer was driving by and his vehicle was equipped with the new ‘Automated License Plate Recognition System’ and it came up expired. Six cameras are mounted on the roof of the “reader car” to read the plate numbers. Information about the vehicle then is displayed on the dashboard computer screen. An alert beeps when a vehicle warranting examination is spotted and the officer then can initiate a motor vehicle stop.

    there are many situations that COULD have happened, but nothing ILLEGAL happened here.

  36. To # 39

    I hope your spelling gets a lot better before you pass the bar, it might not be so good to have so many errors on legal documents.

  37. Mr conservative you are guessing facts. The story states that the cop just pulled up behind him at the pump. That’s private property and no impound is in order. Unless tls isn’t giving us all the facts we have a lawsuit here. You are just saying maybe this and maybe that. Maybe not. Imm just going with the facts that we have. And my speling is bad because I’m typing on my blackbery while I’m driving so I’m not looking at the buttons that well.

  38. TO # 44

    Let me guess when you get pulled over and ticketed for using your Blackberry while driving, there will be another article here about how wrong the cops are for making people obey the law?

  39. “I’m typing on my blackbery while I’m driving” – and when you get pulled over and issued a ticket- dont forget the to slander the issuing officer.

  40. a cop cant just pull up to ur car and ask for documentation he needs to see a law being broken this guy was filling up gas what law did he brake i see a law suit pending.. racial profiling…

  41. I was kidding about the blackbery. I don’t have a blackbery and don’t use a phone while driving. But the facts remain this officer did an injustice to this young man. A car CANNOT be towed from private property for lack of registration. I’m not saying the young man should drive without registration however that fact that he was on private property makes the impound of the car illegal. There are strong grounds for a lawsuit. Ask any lawyer I’m sure they would agree.

  42. Guys there’s a big difference:

    It is not illegal(as far as I know)to have an unregistered vehicle in your driveway. It is illegal to drive it. I don’t believe for one second that the LPD would have done any different. The law is the law with or without children in the car. That is not to say that our friendly neighboring towns are not all that friendly after all. That is actually an understatement. However he did break the law just the same as when I had my vehicle impounded when I went over my temporary registration by LPD. I didn’t get any leeway there and quite honestly was not entitled to it. I broke the law and so did he.

  43. I don’t understand how it’s possible to have an expired registration. The MVC actually MAILS TO YOUR HOUSE a form. all you have to do is write a check and drop it in the mail. Hello? Like, you know, Huh? It takes about 5 or 6 minutes and your done,

  44. This is the law as it is written
    “No person owning or having control over any unregistered vehicle shall permit the same to be parked or to stand on a public highway.

    Any police officer is authorized to remove any unregistered vehicle from the public highway to a storage space or garage, and the expense involved in such removal and storing of the vehicle shall be borne by the owner of the vehicle, except that the expense shall be borne by the lessee of a leased vehicle.” In addition “and no automobile or motorcycle shall be driven unless so registered.”

  45. Commit the crime do the time. Next time his registratin is due for renewal he will be a little more cautious and do the right thing. Obey the laws and you don’t have to worry. He was not targeted because of his race color or religion but because he did something wrong. He should be ashamed of himswlf for doing something wrong and blaming someone elsw for his short comings

  46. Why are we blaming Jackson?
    My wife was pulled over on the parkway and had the car impounded by the state police in the middle of nowhere and left in the middle of a impound lot in south amboy, this jackson guy was LUCKY!!!
    its the law which is insane, maybe the VAAD and our dear state senator should try change the law which is very excessive (impound over a $70 reg fee???!!!)
    Yes it was our fault, although you have to realize the process is a bit confusing, you must register every year and inspection every two and they send a reminder 3 months in advance, it gets put at the bottom of the pile etc etc

  47. I really like the site, and many of the postings, but I do not understand how TLS, can put this posting in a way that make the people to think that a “good officer” is the one that let you go affter you brake the law, and the officer that does his job is a “bad officer”…
    I am pretty sure that many of us have had any incident, and the circunstances are always different but in order to avoid tickets and troubles, we should obey the law or live with the consecuences of brake the law….
    I found the reason Lakewood is a terrible place to drive, people making u turns everywhere, hickjaking everywhere, doubleparking everywhere, because our “good officers” close their eyes…

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