A Day At The Range With Frum Certified Firearms Instructor Daniel Kastelanski

VIDEO: “You can’t always rely on a police officer when seconds count”, says Frum NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Daniel Kastelanski. Daniel, who has been a gun owner for about 15 years, has already trained dozens of homeowners in basic safety and self defense with guns.

So how did a Frum homeowner become a firearms instructor?

“People would see me at the range and say, ‘wow, that’s amazing, can you show me how you did that?’, and so I’d offer them a few tips”, says Daniel, now a certified Instructor for about two years. “So I decided to start doing it officially”.

One of Daniel’s students, is a Lakewood resident who in fact used his training to stop a wannabe burglar from breaking into his home in middle of the night, as exclusively reported on TLS.

With Daniel, owning a gun and learning to properly use one isn’t a matter of being Jewish or not, it’s  a matter of self defense and protecting the lives of your loved ones. 

“As long as you have basic training and the understanding of a gun, it’s as good as it gets for self defense”, says Daniel, who is also a member of an EMS squad in Philadelphia. “You’re increasing your chance of your families’ survival tenfold”, Daniel says.

Watch video of Daniel at the shooting range.

(Daniel currently gives classes and one-on-one lessons in Lakewood and Phialdelphia areas, and can be reached at 732-806-0466, or by email: [email protected]).

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  1. #3 dont be ignorant hollow points are not illegal in N.J read the law then speak, if you do not have hollow points for self defense i would not keep a gun for self defense. the bullet with go right through the person you shoot and hit an innocent bystander hollow points are designed to mushroom in the target dissipating the energy and there by the bullet stops and does not over penetrate

  2. Since the guy being trained in the video is a lefty, shouldn’t he be using his left index finger as the trigger finger?

    Someone with knowledge can chime in.

  3. #6 yes a lefty will use his left hand to shoot and his right hand will be his support hand but there are no rules you do what ever is comfortable for you, some lefty’s play ball with their right hand its the same with shooting

  4. ‘Totall Norishkeiten!!!'(silliness) …… my advise to all that want to waste their time and money, go and learn some gemora or get involved in some chesed project and leave all this ‘shtusim’ (stupidity) for others that dont have what to do with their lives. Ultimately the zechus hatorah and doing chesed is the best shmira (safety), but dont take my word for it.

  5. What shooting range is this? I shoot at the Brick Armory indoor range, but I do not know where to find an open pistol range.

    Please let me know about range name, location, and rates.

  6. Just Google nj handgun permit application fill it out and bring it to the police dept. And give it to the records dept if you made any mistakes they will tell you but its pretty straight forward and painless

  7. If this guy is such an expert then why is he carrying hollow point bullets? Its a federal and State that bans hollow point bullets from everyone but Law Enforcment. Both parties in this video broke the law and can be imprisoned on even a first offence to 5 years in prison.

  8. why is it that when someone finds something recreational or a hobby they are accused of “wasting their time”. it is a healthy project for the soul to also find ways to relieve stress and maybe just enjoy free time. this young man happens to learn daily,and serve as a active member of the phildelphia hatsolah [sorry,my last letter is not working]. yes learning gemara is important..so is learning how to protect our families and fellow jews!

  9. Hollow point bullets are NOT illegal in NJ. They are illegal to use during another criminal act like robbery, assault or something similar. It is something prosecutors can use to add charges and jail time for an offense. For home defense use or practice at a range, hollow point bullets are perfectly legal. It is important to know the facts instead of spreading ignorance.
    Not sure? Check the NJSP web site to get the low down on current laws. It is all public record and easy to find. It’s lazy to just say someone is breaking the law when clearly you do not know the facts.

  10. To “anon” posts #14 and #15: Please read your laws that are readily available to you from NJ State Police. I am lot a lawyer, but don’t think it takes one to understand this.
    1. There is no federal law prohibiting possession of JHP ammo or bullets at target range.
    2. There is a NJ state law that can be found here: http://www.njsp.org/about/fire_hollow.html
    3. JHP ammo is much, much, much safer for self defense applications, range practice or hunting for multiple reasons.
    Its most commonly mentioned property is lack of over penetration and its ability to deliver more energy to the object you are intending to shoot without going through it. You don’t want to hit an innocent bystander or your kid in the next room. You do want to hit the bad guy as hard as you can to stop him as soon as possible.

  11. Yackov Avinu and his sons also had swords just like Esav they were prepared to battle esav if necesery also how did Shimon and Levi kill out the whole city of Shechem if they did not have swords and throughout history jews were allways armed and were known as very good soldiers who were many times hired out as merceneries and allways joined their hosts countrys armies the abarbenal was a general in spains army as was Rav shmuel hanagid the difference between esav and yackov is on the word “tichya” Esav “lives” on his sword that is his whole life he has no TORAH to guide them and protect one for another so they need the sword to keep each other in check and that is the basis of their life and laws where as Yackovs basis and the connection betwween Yackovs descendents are based on their shared torah the sword of Yackov is there to protect him and his Torah

  12. an article about the Chofetz Chayim states that the C.C. told someone who came for a brucha to avoid the soviet army that in MilChemes GuMGo”g Yidden will have to know how to shoot a Bix !

  13. All I said is that this sport is chukas hagoi. Just like formula 1 car racing. These sports that are reckless and dangerous jews were never known to be a part of, The risk of injuring yourself is very high on the range as is on the track that’s all I said its chukas hagoi

  14. Again, I am not a lawyer or a big posek, but if i remember correctly right of self defense is in the Torah and in Constitution of the United States of America.
    I would not hunt for recreation, but handguns have plenty of other purposes like target practice or self defense. Gun is an object, a tool like any other. Don’t demonize it or make an idol out of it.
    Learning to shoot is not a waste of time to me if you consider that your life might depend on that skill one day. “Ushmartem em nafshosechem”

  15. i’d personally rather rely on a police officer to keep me safe. the only place where i’d shoot a gun is in a shooting range with a professional by my side guiding me step by step. and just because a professional knows everything about how to use a gun doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes. same thing like an experienced driver can make mistakes.

  16. “Shoresh haemunah hi shoresh hameri” – Everything in H-shem’s world can either be used for good or bad (including the electronic media we are all using right now!) Please don’t dismiss everything you don’t know about or don’t like as being assur. (And I don’t know anything about guns- I am a frum, happily married Lakewood woman, not a gun owner…) But just as someone who has the blood-shedding midos to potentially be a murderer channels those middos to be a shochet or a mohel, we all have our middos and have to channel them properly. There really is NOTHING wrong with what Daniel is doing…as a matter of fact, we could all learn a thing or two about using our talents l’tova!!!!!!

  17. ‘But just as someone who has the blood-shedding midos to potentially be a murderer channels those middos to be a shochet or a mohel, we all have our middos and have to channel them properly’…. this is about the silliest and most pathetic quote I’m going to hear for in a while. As someone who’s father before retirement was both a shochet and a mohel can tell you your post is very distasteful.
    Also your comment that ‘ I am a frum, happily married Lakewood woman’ what does that have to do with anything???

  18. Ck. Lakewood PD response time is amazing, yet they are humans and as of now can’t teleport to your house. If you wake up in the middle of the night and see a bad guy walking up to your or your kids bedroom (c”v) do you think you have a better chance of survival if you
    A. dial 911 and a try to negotiate you way out of being stabbed/hit with a bet for the next 5-7 minutes. B. Grab your gun and shoot the guy if you feel that you or your wife/kid are about to get killed.
    Gun is not a substitute for a LEO it’s just gives you some options until police gets there.

  19. To #23, yasher coach, very well said. I hope you don”t mind, but I will finish off your thought by saying that Daniel is not teaching people to live a life style of a worier or a cowboy or a soldier etc., he is just trying to teach jewish people (and I stress jewish people) basic skills of how to safely and efficiently operate a firearm just in case a setuation arises where this may be necessary, and if anything the history has shown us that these situations have occured more times that we would have hoped.

  20. To # 28, Even if something is dangerous, it most certainly does not become chukas goi just based on that. Also, how so you know anything about formula 1 racing. And even a bigger question, my guess is you have never been to a shooting range, so where did you get the information that sooting ranges are dangerous, far more people get hurt on the sreets, then on the ranges.

  21. To the cool masmid at #9, and #33: using teminology such as foolish, silly, etc., is a sign that one has nothing intelligent to say. indeed you are absolutely right that torah and chesed protect us, and could possibly protect us from all harm. However the torah still recomends us to to take certain mesures to protect ourselves. Please look up 1. Kidushin 29a, the braisa sais a man has to teach his son swimming. Why? Let me offer you an explanation. A lot of travelling was done by ships, it was very dangerous (by the way still not chukas hagoy), that is why we make hogoimel after travelling over water. Knowing how to swim would increase his chances of survival.
    2. Shoftim perek 3, posik 2, and carefully read Rashi, especially the last part. Hashem says that from that point on we have to fight for ourselves.
    3. The Gmorah says “Harbei osu k’Rabbi Shimon bar Yuchoi vloi olso b’yodom. The fact remains that most of us are (unfortunately) not on the madreiga to rely on our Torah and Mizvos will protect us from any harm. It is everyone of us outmost responsibility to grow in avoidas Hashem constantly, and alway remember that altimately it is hashem who will save us from any possible danger. However we still have to realize reality, and reality is, once again, that the history has shown us, that we do have to be able to stand up for ourselves since we do have quite a few enemies in this world.
    If you choose to rely on your torah, it is a right that you most definately have, kol hakovod. I really hope that you and those who are close to you will always be safe. However if chas v’shalom, you are ever in danger and need help, pleas find one of us, and we will, im yirtze Hashem, do our outmost to protest you.

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