9/11/2001 AUDIO & VIDEOS: A Day We Will Never Forget

[MULTIPLE VIDEOS & AUDIO BELOW] A day which shook the world. A day on which we lost thousands of innocent people to blood thirsty beasts. And a day which will remain etched in our hearts and memories forever.

VIDEO: The first plane hits – caught by a cameraman doing a documentary in Manhattan (Muted).







CNN VIDEO As It Happened – Part 1

CNN As It Happened – Part 2


VIDEO Taken From An NYPD Helicopter

The following VIDEO was taken by a woman in her apartment-36 floors up and 500 yards from the North Tower. Viewer discretion is advised.

The 9/11 Tapes: The Story in the Air – From the NY Times (With Transcript)

A selection of audio recordings from the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.), North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) and American Airlines from the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. The recordings, some of which have been published previously, are being released in a multimedia report originally intended to be part of the Sept. 11 Commission’s 2004 report.

Click here for the audio recordings.

Collection of video footages captured on September 11th 2001. Shows views from inside the Lobby of the North Tower, the South Tower’s attacks, and the collapse. Plus the collapse of World trade Center 7.

Inside The Lobby

AUDIO of Hatzolah recording

VIDEO – Hatzolah 9/11/01.


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  1. do you know why 9/11 happened? i.e. every tragedy that occurs in klal yisroel has a wake-up message STRAIGHT from Hashem. do you know what the message of 9/11 is?

    Do you know that 9/11 is our sad day for over 2000 years? תשעה באב, 9 is תשעה Av is 11 אלול is 12 & תשרי is 1, how does that grab you? How does that shock you? what about the phone number 911? that’s also תשעה באב. that’s Americas emergency number for a minimum of 50 to 100 years, why didn’t they pick 111? are you going to tell me cause a baby might press 111 by mistake? These 2 tragedies-above-were only hint’s to tisha b’av, but it wasn’t enough to bring klal yisroel to start doing teshuva. So what happened ON tisha b’av 2005, i.e. no more hints to tisha b’av? Gush Katif/the Gaza Disengagement, it was supposed to happen on tisha b’av but they waited until Motzei tisha b’av, they did not even wait till the next morning, which means it was still tisha b’av in Chutz La’aretz (diaspora). Now let me ask you something, are these 3 tragedies-relating to tisha b’av-coincidence or is it a straight message from Hashem that its time for klal yisroel to wake up & do תשובה? You think about it, this is not between people, this is between each person & Hashem.

    above is just recent tragedies relating to tisha b’av Many other tragedies happened on 9/11 throughout the years we passed, including crystal nacht & the europion holocaust which happened on 11/9

    among other tragic wake-up calls RELATING to 9/11 is:Osama Bin Laden-the terrorist leader of Al Quada & leader of the terrorist act of
    9/11- was captured & killed on May 1 2011. Israel’s Holocaust memorial day (Yom Hashoa) in 2011 came out also on May 1. Hitler YEMACH SHEMAM commited Suicide on May 1.. put the english date of 5-1 together & get the wake-up message straight from Hashem. you get 51, which chapter in Tehillim is chapter 51? The chaper of Teshuva (repentance) when will klal yisroel wake up & do teshuva? just how many more signs of tragedies C”V will have to happen before we do teshuva? IS THIS MESSAGE & SIGN ENOUGH or does klal yisroel-myself included-need more Tzaros to get us to wake up & do Teshuva?
    May we all start doing teshuva ASAP before tragedy strikes again C”V

  2. Shmuel, this is not the time and place. This was a national tragedy for all. Are you saying thousands of people were murdered and thousands more lives forever changed because God wanted to send a message to the Jewish people? I’m jewish, I know what you’re trying to say, but perhaps some sensitivity would be in order. Please save these comments for the appropiate time and place.

  3. do תשובה?

    Of course

    Hilchos Teshuvah 1:3

    But national and public disasters
    Demand a national and public תשובה =repentance

    King Chezkiah was miraculously saved because PRIOR he had enforced the bulk of the nation to be moral and upright

  4. Adam Garfinkle, editor of The American Interest wrote, “I don’t know of any great power in history that lost its foothold or decayed because of external reasons; internal social dysfunction was to blame.”

  5. Shmuel – glad u have all the answers. You may have PTSD from a prior incident. Help IS available. Posting here is only a very small part of ur cure. Hatzlocha Rabba.

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