90 Minute Delay In Transportation

bus squeezing through in snow tlsTLS has just been notified that there will be a 90 minute delay in transportation this morning, due to the snow accumulation on the ground. Many schools will be opening on time, or opening with a slight delay, so check with your school’s snow-line to confirm your school’s schedule.

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  1. Let’s see if the BOE members can get back on the Lakewood Scoop and see who they could throw under the proverbial bus this time for this mess up now that “Coyle” is gone

  2. My boys early minyan bus decided to come anyway,so any boys that didn’t call the snow number,waited by the bus and got on! Now they’re in school for two and a half to three hours early!!!

  3. the public has the right to know who made this mistake today.They should send everyone a chk every time there is no bus. Can Tls publish the phone number so we can all voice our concerns.

  4. Looks like even with the new BOE guys this town is just a lost case, they just can’t do things normally.
    Will someone from the BOE at least attempt to explain this ridiculous situation. And please try not to insult our intelligence by claiming that at 5 am when the decision was made the watch commander said the roads are dangerous. There was a slight dusting on some parts of the road then. Maybe looking out the window might get you a more accurate assessment of the situation.
    The bottom line is, this is beyond ridiculous.

  5. SHAME!SHAME!BOE Aren’t you guys embarrassed of your self?who are you going to blame this time?I’m sure it was a state of emergency!DPW did a great job. Cleaning up!THANKS

  6. For some odd reason Howell elementry had regular opening however Howell High ,Freehold Township Freehold Boro etc. High school had delayed opening

  7. I don’t often comment on blogs but this is just crazy, why wasn’t there buses today???? I guess we should be grateful that there was buses the day before!! after all Sunday night also snowed

  8. Go read the stories before and after this one, one story is from the NWS telling of a storm warning and the other is telling of (so far) 3 MVA’s. Thank Gd the MVA’s didn’t involve a school bus! Maybe you internet filters should allow weather reports.

  9. Will there be a 90 minute delay on the way home too?? Because I couldn’t get out to work on time because i needed to wait till my kids get on the bus, now i need to make up my work that was delayed do to that

  10. you people are unreal. stam to hock…pick a subject that doesn’t endanger children. The roads were slippery. Those of us out early know it, and you cellar dwellers blogging away early obviously don’t. say some tehillim for the injured and in the words of Rav Avigdor Miller Z”L, say “BH it wasn’t me!”

  11. Weather advisory was for some dusting in South Jersey. Roads were no more slippery than on a drizzly day. This town has accidents every day and maybe there were more accidents today because so many more ppl were on the road driving their kids to school. Does that mean no busing every time it rains?

  12. There was a DUSTING of snow! A dusting!! I have to come an hour and a half late, because of an inch of snow that barely scraped the soles of your shoes?? How absolutely ridiculous! I am beyond fed up about this! Why doesn’t Cleveland ever cancel school or have 90 min. delays?? Why is it only Lakewood that has to be so anal about punctuality?!

    And for those of you who’re saying “oh think of the alternative” I will think of the alternative when there is a LEGITIMATE REASON for there to even BE an alternative! So far I haven’t been given even one, except for some oft-repeated & already clichéd “it was very icy this morning!1!! o noez! :O” from people who were still snuggled up in their cozy little beds at 5 am!

  13. There was actually a MVA right outside one of the schools this morning. It looked like it involved a parent dropping off their child at that school. I don’t understand how adding a few thousand vehicles on the road is safer than providing busses!
    The decision had nothing to do with safety. It was a 90 minute delay which has to do with contracts that the bus companies have with neighboring towns.
    Why do we have to suffer because of other towns’ schedules? We pay taxes and we ought to get regular service!

  14. why doen’t bais faiga ever give busing with a 90 minute delay like the other schools do. It’s much safer and hundreds of parents wouldn’t be on the road dropping their kids off?

  15. why dont the boys schools open 90 min late and have bussing?? if its to show the kids to have such chashivus to learning, well, i think the kids are just being shown grumpy parents who dont appreciate the crazy traffic in town!! it seriously makes no sense to have all those extra cars on the roads in the morn. if theres no bussing, no school, PERIOD!

  16. I don’t get it. In Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Toronto they never have any delays even with snow up to 6 inches. What gives here, the drivers all learned to drive in Florida or something? Teach them how to safely drive in the snow, and lets get on with it already. If cars can drive then so can busses. busses are supposed to be safer than cars yet they treat them as if they are less safe.

  17. To #15 I guess you don’t watch the news. Channel 12 news and Channel 7 news all had the delay openings for Monmouth and Ocean Countiies this morning. They all had DELAY OPENING!! Roads are icy in the morning. I know I leave for work at 4am. So, it’s okay to put children lives in danger… Complain, Complain is all that all of you do. Enough already. Children are our presious gifts. Better safe than sorry….!!!!!!!!!

  18. We never had a year with so many delayed openings!!!!!!! Who is to blame???? Maybe the new board members?!?!.?!?! If you, new board members, have something else to blame it on then do that here please. We are all waiting! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

  19. I would not put up with this any longer. Everyone should demand that we do away with the pesky buses and these ridiculous decisions to keep the children safe.

    The watch commander and the superintendent probably do not care that parents are inconvenienced, in order to keep the children safe.

    We should refuse any further busing so we can decide if and when to transport the children through our own means. OMG – That would make us responsible for the decision. OK scratch that idea.

    Let’s look at alternate options. Perhaps we could have tutors come to the houses. No that will not work; there are not enough of them, and I would not be home anyway, and they probably get here 90 minutes late. Scratch this one too.

    Maybe we should say thank you for transporting the children to and from school, and understand the complexity of pulling it all together.

    While we are at it, perhaps we need to thank all of the taxpayers who shoulder this tremendous burden and expense for transportation.

    That may work! In fact this may be a great idea.

  20. #34- You sure do post a lot of comments on every article. Leads me to believe you must be one of those people snuggled in bed at 5am or maybe even 10am. I will give you the reason why the boe issues a 90min delay. Whenever there is snow accumulation (be it even a trace), it is the responsibility of the boe to clear the side walks and/or walkways of all lakewood schools. No boe in any town will risk the chance of a student slipping and cracking his head open! Wouldn’t that be a nice lawsuit? My recommendation to you- move to Cleveland.

  21. #44, wow, you sure seem to know exactly who I am, that you can tell I post a lot on TLS. Please, tell me your secret in differentiating me from all the other millions of people who post under “Anonymous” as well!

    And FYI, I am actually one of those people up & about at 6 am every morning because I have to be at work at 7:45. So, sorry, maybe you should be putting your time to better use then trying to play mindreader over the internet!

    Really? The BOE cares so much about clearing sidewalk/walkways? Then how come I didn’t see any of them doing exactly that? Or better yet, if it’s such a daagah for them, then they could very well have gotten up @5 & cleared the sidewalks of all the schools in time for the busses to have dropped off all the kids.

    And please, let’s be honest for a minute, and use a little seichel here. An inch of snow? Slip & crack their heads open? Not likely. Not even probable.

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