3 Year Old Girl’s Condition Deteriorates

URGENT: The 3 year old Lakewood girl who was listed in critical condition yesterday in CHOP Hospital, is in extremely serious condition today, relatives of the girl tell TLS. “Blimi’s conditions are really bad”, the source said. The relative requested that all who can, please take part in a Tehillim chain. (I.e 1-5 etc).

Please take a moment to be Mispallel for Ruchama Blima Bas Chana.

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  1. i know the family personally.
    a beautiful yiddishe family
    i will bli neder day 1-5(included)
    please dont stop the chain
    yidden! there is a sister of our in GREAT need….
    think…what would happen if it was my daughter, cousin, niece, neighbor….
    please stop and daven….she needs our tefillohs…!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you!
    we should hear good news soon iyh!

  2. please everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. terrible news.yesterday the lakewood scoop had a link to my “daily tehillim”(something like that) it was great, nice and big lettering and it helped me keep going from posuk to posuk. Please repost again! I know this family, may Hashem hear all our Tefillos and bring a yeshuah. Hashem is wating for our Tefillos. However u do it! ANYTHING! ANY WAY! ANY!

  4. the doctors cant figure out whats wrong..and this poor three year old is just getting worse and worse…..
    hashem yeracheim
    please continue this chain….
    thank you to all that are participating in this huge mitzvah!

    the goal is to have the tehillem finished by tonight please
    even just one or two perakim will be a big help!

    this is beautiful to see
    i personally know the family very very well.
    all those who participated in this gigantic mitzvah have know idea what schar is waiting for them achar 120!

    lets just see if we could finish it
    whoever is still looking at lakewoodscoop at this hour…..every tefilla counts…..please stop and say a perek or two…and dont forget to post what you said so we know where we are holding….

    \there is not much left to say…lets go klal yisroel….we could do it !

    there is a 3 year old holding on by a thin thread…with our powerful tefillos we COULD pull her thru
    YES! WE CAN!
    please continue saying tehillem…you have no idea what this means for the family…

  6. whoever is reading this tonight and tomorrow, please put a coin or two in your tzedaka box…
    tzedaka tatzil m’maves.
    tzedaka is known as THE MITZVAH
    i will cover the remaining 112 through 119 now
    may ruchama blima bas chana have a refuah shelaima together with all the cholim in klal Yisrael
    (i am not related by birth but am related by being a part of Am Yisrael)

  7. there are no words to express the appreciation….
    i personally know blimi- zal gezunt zein wasnt doing good at all this afternoon at one point….but with our tefillos..she is still holding on baruch hashem…and hopefully pulls thru this terrible nightmare…

    ‘Goldy’ wrote something beautiful that is very touching:
    i am not related by birth but am related by being a part of Am Yisrael-thnx you goldy and all the rest for your hard work in finishing….

    hopefully by finishing the whole sefer tehillem in the zchus for a refuah shelaimah for ruchama blima bas chana…we will iyh see her walking and laughing (as she always does) and iyh walk down her chupa healthy and strong…and we should iyh, with the help on the one above see yiddishe diris come out of this beautiful princess!

    again a big thank you to all for finishing the sefer!

    i will try to send an update if i hear any more (good iyh) news!

  8. refuah shilaima dont stop saying tehillim start over we are almost in adar hashem is beh simcha all our job is ask for a refuah daven daven daven all of us

  9. Just donated $150.00 to Kollel Chatzos New York. 855-242-8967.

    Dear friends: Haman said Yesh Am Echad Mefuzar U’Mefurad Bein H’Amim; we can destroy the Yidden because there is disunity…
    But Esther countered it with a K’Nois Es Kol Hayehudim… The Yidden joined forces and overturned the decree…
    THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW! Let’s keep it up!!!

  10. Ok, fellow Yid, let’s start again..i will say 1 through 10
    everyone put some money into a tzedaka box, whether you are or are not saying tehillim….

  11. I feel like crying now. The achdus for someone just because they are a Yid is so moving. Wow. I am so happy to be a part of this beeautiful nation. May Hashem grant this child a Refuah Shelama speedily. I am going to give Tzedaka and say a PerekTehillim.

  12. does the family have all the help they need is thier anything besides our tehillim of course that anyone can do for the family please post it on this site

  13. Ruchoma Blima is currently in an extremely critical sitiuation. The only way for her to pull through is with all your tefillos. It is a huge comfort for the entire family to see everyone come together and daven, say tehillim and give tzedakah. Continue davening and may we only hear besuros tovos.

  14. Ok, we have started the second round…i have done 1 through 13..i am now going to do 14 through 30….let us show Hashem that we care about this young child as if she was our own daughter or granddaughter. if Hashem sees that we all feel like true brothers and sisters, He will treat us – and this child – like a Loving Father. Please whoever is reading this take upon yourself some chapters starting from 31…and continue to give tzedaka.

  15. from chapter 33 : “From Heaven Hashem looks down, He sees all mankind. From His dwelling place He oversees all inhabitants of the earth. HE WHO FASHIONS THEIR HEARTS TOGETHER, Who comprehends all their deeds.”
    By us joining together to say tehillim, we are emulating Hashem’s action, by fashioning OUR hearts together as one group for this little girl.

  16. I doubt you are reading this, but if you do, or someone who knows you is, please know that we area all thinking of you all the time. I check TLS every ten minutes for an update and murmur tehillim all through supper and bed time. Although you barely know me, and I can’t put my name on the internet :(, I want you to know that we all really care and are really touched this terrible matzav. Tonight I was putting my three year old to sleep and I had tears in my eyes thinking of your little girl lying there in the hospital. My daughter told me that your Blimi is “sooooo cute”, I’m sure she is and I”YH you will have much Nachas from her still. I don’t know of anything we can do for you, for only Hshem can heal your daughter, but at least you will know that you are not alone, and we are all waiting in bating breath together with you for good news. May we hear B’suros Tovos and celebrate many simchast together very very soon. I will be checking back.

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