Reader-submitted: Please post this plea

handicapped spot lkwdMy mother is a long-time Lakewood resident who is confined to a wheelchair. After a very upsetting experience trying to park and help her into (moderated) this past Sunday, I felt that I had to write and ask you to post this plea:

PLEASE do not block access to ramps built for handicapped drivers/passengers! PLEASE do not pull into a spot meant for the handicapped because it’s convenient or because you just plan to run in for a minute. When you do this with your children in the car, you are setting a terrible example. When others see you doing this, you are creating a serious Chilul Hashem.

Thank G-d that you don’t qualify to legitimately use the spot and recognize the importance of these spots to those among us who really need them!

Michelle S.

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  1. Shame on our town that this even has to be posted. We do so much Chesed, but even before we do Chesed we have to act like decent mentchen.

  2. I have a disability problem Have been off my feet for nearly two months t. My doctor sais that can start walking but only very few steps. ‘
    I have a disabilty tag but whats the use . my shool members keep ignoring the Reseved Parking invalid sign . Let them know that because of these so called friends I have to turn back without going to shool.

  3. If they would listen to R’ Paysach Krohn on this topic, such people would think at least twice before parking in the spot.. And, by the way, having the tag/decal only allows you to park there if the handicapped person is in the vehicle. As a spouse of a disabled person, I NEVER park in the designated spot unless my spouse is in the car.

  4. I agree with #2. The fact that this even has to be mentioned is a disgrace. And if it’s by shul, according to most poskim it’s a Mitzva Habu B’aveira.

  5. If they were really G-d fearing people they would know the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true”. You like to park in in a handicapped spot, maybe G-d will grant you or someone you love your wish. It happens. Why provoke the the Judge of all Judges. You’d have to be insane.

  6. R’ Chaim Kanievsky shlit’a says about people who use the handicapped spot to get to minyan on time, that its a mitzvah habbaah be’aveira, better they shouldn’t daven!!!!

    As a person handicapped due to someone else in town’s reckless driving, I’m a young mommy who otherwise looks fine. Pain is not always visible to random people. I can not even count how many times I left a shopping plaza, going home without doing Shabbos shopping, because some carefree, conscience free people taking handicapped spots!!!! It makes my life and other handicapped-suffering people’s lives so much harder unnecessarily.

  7. To the person who said expecant mothers and mothers of babies shld have special parking too, i agree. However it wld be half the town. What bothers me is when a young-middle aged man zooms into a “good” parking spot as he looks and sees other cars with many women who have babies and children in the car. Maybe the younger middle aged men bachurim etc can park further away at times to make it easier for the women and children….

  8. I have multiple sclerosis now I can walk a bit usualy but for month and month I would say 4 out of the five weekday nights I would come to shul to go home not davening with a minyam not being able to get to shul because people are parked in a spot otherwise designated for people like me. also many times just stayed hungry cause I couldn’t park in the spot that is made for the handycap becuase of insensible people.

  9. To all the people who say there should be special spots for mothers with little kids and or expecting I do not agree. Having little kids is not a disability either is expecting. If you find it to hard to go shopping have your husband do it for you or bring an older girl/boy to help you out. Stop making excuses as to why you must park in a handicapped spot and be great full that you do not have a disability.

  10. To little me
    Noone is makinf excuses to park in handicapped. I never did and never would. Clearly u have never had a hard pregnancy or a bad back or a bunch of kids to shlep. Some husbands actually work for a living amd are not around to help.

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